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The most fun way to learn what's going on in business, and the strategy behind the headlines. Not Boring is a semi-weekly newsletter breaking down companies, business events, and trends via strategy, economics, and pop culture. Join 17,600+ smart people by subscribing now.

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Not Boring - Business strategy but not boring. | Product Hunt EmbedNot Boring - Business strategy but not boring. | Product Hunt Embed

Enjoyed weekly by my mom & a lot of smart people at cool companies:

About Not Boring

Not Boring is like if Bill Simmons and Ben Thompson had a baby. I write weekly essays that delve into what's trending in business and technology. Each post provides a unique combination of strategy, finance, and economics explained through pop culture. My promise to you:

  • Every Monday, a fun, in-depth analysis on what's going on in the business world

  • Every Thursday, a guest post by an up-and-coming expert or an interview with someone smart

  • Never boring - I'm always experimenting with new segments and formats to help you learn

  • An inspired community of smart, curious people who don't take themselves too seriously

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Loving the content so far. They have great 'retell value', i.e. I talk about things I learn in Not Boring newsletters in many other convos.
Tara Baumgarten - Learning Experience Designer, Junto
@packyM’s Not Boring newsletter is giving me life today. If you’re going to be part of the Quibi hate-train, at LEAST do it with a strategic framework like Packy.
Sara Wilson - Sara Wilson, Digital Content Strategist and Founder, SW Projects
I generally don't follow blogs with content that is this long, however, your ability to make it interesting and utilise pop culture references made it easy to digest.
Chris Sheffield - VP of Client Services, CitrusAd

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